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License Plate Lookup Scam Sites

Each day we receive calls & emails from victims of license plate search scams. Most of them claim to have been misled into paying for what they believe was a current vehicle record from a preliminary license plate search, or access to unlimited current license plate records.  After payment was made to view record from an initial search, the customers were either provided links (or automatically linked) to other company sites so that additional payments can be made for searches, received false records (many  false record reports from SearchQuarry, PlateRecordsFinder, & Verispy victims - sites that promise unlimited access to public records which can be found for free elsewhere without subscription, and unlimited license plate owner records that are neither current nor accurate), or no information was provided at all. In the end, customers did not receive the record they initially paid for, and that they bought into a membership that charges recurring fees. We have learned from victims that the following sites had misled them:***

(there are countless others that we have not checked out yet)
Note that these sites do not display a legal company name & business address so legal actions can not be taken against them. Site owners also keep their information off of site directories so that the public can not identify them.

What is the problem with these sites?
First, its the way they advertise.
They fool customers into buying a membership by making them believe they deliver the current information the customer is seeking. The site may either state they provide unlimited access to records, or they may provide an instant search menu where a person enters a license plate number and state, and then they state they have a record or the info your seeking. What generally ends up happening is that either they provide links for members to choose to go pay another site for the information, or they automatically link members to another site. And recently, some are now furthering their scam by providing false records. In the end, the customer is locked into a monthly or annual paying membership and receives either false or outdated records from a link site and purchase, or no information at all.

Second, they flood the internet with dishonest sites?
What happens when you flood the internet with sites that do not deliver what they state? The honest companies get pushed down in search engine rankings, and people just wont trust any site, regardless if the site is legitimate or not.
Each day we receive calls in reference to whether we are legitimate or not. It does not matter how many warnings we post about these member sites, we still get calls from customers complaining that they paid membership fees to 3 different web sites and they did not get what they were promised.

If you are aware of any other membership sites, please email us the site address and we will check them out.

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