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We Provide: Registered Owner Name, Address, Vehicle Type (year-make-model), & Vin)

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  • Registered Owner Name
  • Registered Owner Address
  • Vehicle Description & VIN
  • Expiration Date
  • Additional Info May Include Registrants Age & or Dob, Plus Other Adult Names Associated w Registered Address.

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Normal Turnaround Time - 1 to 10 Hours
No Hit On Record Search = $19 Refund
(No Hits occur when a plate number is either copied down incorrectly, and the state has no current record of plate number, or the plate number has been expired for over a period of 5 years.)

Manual License Plate Search States are states that do not provide an accessible database for up to date registration records. Generally these state require we submit a request form to attain a record. The record from this search is guaranteed to be up to date & accurate.

Reason For Search will be requested later on payment page.
*** Note that depending on the checkout chosen, plate number may need to be re-entered with state and reason for search on order payment page.

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Each day we receive reports from individuals & businesses that have been scammed by sites offering FREE or UNLIMITED License Plate Records. This is a ploy used by subscription sites. After an initial computerized license plate search, these sites instruct visitors to pay a small fee to start a subscription. Then after payment, members are provided with the following scenarios depending on the site: 1. Members are provided false owner records (vehicle make and model may match but current owner name and address is FALSE), 2. )They are immediately linked elsewhere to pay additional charges for each search, or 3. Members are provided with NO record at all. In the end, members are left paying recurring monthly fees for either FALSE or NO vehicle owner records. Please understand that current license plate owner records are government records which are private, and can ONLY be attained legally though the state vehicle records department, or through access from law enforcement & licensed investigators. Note that just about every site listed on top search engines is a subscription scam. To read more on these scams, click here.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:
I have been scammed by a license plate lookup site before, who do I trust?
Unfortunately with these type of records searches, scam sites greatly outnumber legitimate ones on the Internet. The important factor in looking and comparing services and prices from legitimate companies is to first look for the provider's information. Is there a legal business name & physical address listed on their home or contact web page, and if so, is that business listed with the Better Business Bureau & Angie’s List?
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Is there any reason why you would NOT be able to pull up the owner information from a license plate?
As long as plate number was copied & entered correctly, and plate was valid at one point in the last 10 to 15 years (plate registration records are usually expunged from state records 10 to 15 years after they expire), we should always be able to attain the current registered owner record.

Check more frequently asked questions: License Pate Search FAQs

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